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    Modified by 2015.05.01

    F-I-L is an open source library for image processing on FPGA, it provide many IPCores, each of these IPCoresS has its own software simulation, functional simulation and testing on board.
    Structure of F-I-L is as following:
    F-I-L Structure
    Images are from camera and other devices, then they will be processed by IPCores in F-I-L, and at last it will be output to displayer, etc.
    Moreover, if you use "SoC"(System on Chips, like ZYNQ), you can use CPU(like ARM) to configuring this IPCores by AXI-interface, it can give you flexibility.


    Only Xilinx vivado suit is supported now, but you can use the hdl files with just a little changing to make IPCores support for other benchs, like Quartus.But as LGPL licence, you must open your source code.


    I use Python2.7 and PIL(Python Imaging Library) to do software simulations, and use modelsim SE 10.1 to do HDL functional simulations, so you must install these if you want to do simulations.
    Moreover, the functional simulations are based on xilinx IPCores library, so you must complie xilinx IPCores library to modelsim, in vivado, you can do it just by following commond in vivado tcl:

     compile_simlib -directory <library_output_directory>  -simulator <agr>  

    Then, you should open the "modelsim.ini" in your modelsim installed foder(remove the "read-only" attribute), and paste these:

    std = $MODEL_TECH/../std
    ieee = $MODEL_TECH/../ieee
    verilog = $MODEL_TECH/../verilog
    vital2000 = $MODEL_TECH/../vital2000
    std_developerskit = $MODEL_TECH/../std_developerskit
    synopsys = $MODEL_TECH/../synopsys
    modelsim_lib = $MODEL_TECH/../modelsim_lib
    simprim_ver = G:/EDA/Xilinx/simprim_ver(库的路径,以下同)
    unisim_ver = G:/EDA/Xilinx/unisim_ver
    xilinxcorelib_ver = G:/EDA/Xilinx/xilinxcorelib_ver

    At last, give back the "read-only" attribute.


    Some are here, but just support chinese now:



    Copyright © 2015, Tianyu Dai (dtysky). All Rights Reserved.
    This project is free software and released under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).